Here's what you get in the T'ai Chi section...

  • I'll walk and talk you through the 1st 3 moves of the T'ai Chi set

  • A written guide on 'How To Practice' the t'ai chi set

  • T'ai chi mini-set 'cheat' sheet

  • Follow-along warm up exercises

  • Check out more below...

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To The Free Taster!

    • A Gentle Guide To Your Course...

    • A Note About PDF Files

  • 2

    Warm Up Exercises

    • Warm Up Routine - Follow Along

  • 4

    Let's Get Started With Qigong

    • Stress Prevention Qigong Form - Weiji Yufang Gong

    • Stress Prevention Set - Cheat Sheet

    • Breathing Pattern for Daoyin Exercises

    • Basic Daoyin Theory I

    • Daoyin Hand Positions

    • 1. Taiji Breathing

    • 2. Round Fan Covers The Moon

    • A List of Resources

  • 5

    Let's Get Started With Body Structure

    • Why Use The Structural Points?

    • Knee With Toes

    • More resources for you

  • 6

    Next Steps

    • Where to go from here...

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